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host an intimate house concert!

2008: one person can make a difference
This year, Voices for Silent Disasters is creating partnerships with inspired people, like you, who want to make a difference. With support from the Voices team, you are invited to host an intimate house concert to raise money and awareness for northern Uganda. Together through these house concerts our goal to raise $100K by December of 2008!

“house concert kit” includes:

:: a prominent local musician
:: concert production (sound, lighting, etc.)
:: an event spokesperson
:: an educational video
:: access to food, wine and catering at a discount
:: printed materials (invitations and thank-you letters)

become part of it...
Bring your passion, your creativity, and your collaborative spirit to this annual concert series that celebrates Portland's uniqueness and grass roots community. Together we can learn about and connect with people half a world away and be part of a collective force that keeps silent disasters from being unknown and silent successes from being unheard.

We support Mercy Corps' efforts in Africa as they partner with communities in northern Uganda and bring aid to a crisis of epic proportion.

for more information contact: